What I believe

What I believe

What I believe you know this is harder to put into words than I ever thought it would be.  But I am going to try my best and feel free to ask any questions you may have. I am going to keep it short as can be and expand later with in my blog.

I believe that there is a God and Goddess many times I call them mother and father.  I believe they are god two halves of a whole.  I tend to believe and “talk” with the mother more than god.

I will admit I have an issues with male every thing.

I believe we all come to Earth like it is school, we have a lesson plan or chart to guide us on our path and it has bumps and forks in the road.  We home here to feel feelings we can not feel at home.  (I will touch more on home later).  We pick our parents, and we have goals of things we wish to learn even if it is something simple.

I believe we have guides that travel with us and help us when we are down.  I believe these guides to be spirits of those that we love on the other side.

I believe in past lives, some souls I believe come over many and many times to learn and grow but I believe that every souls lives on this planet at least once.

Time on the other side there is no time this is why sometimes it seems like it takes for answers for prayers to be answered.

Prayers…yep I believe in them to from the simple of asking for aid in time of need to Spells as well.  I see spells as a ritual prayer with steps and everything.

I believe in not harming others and Karma.  I believe we are all like pebbles thrown into a pond we cast ripples and don’t know were they end up but we know they touch the whole pond.  So we must be careful.  (this is something I must work on)

Wow this is so hard to put everything into words I know I will be back editing this page.

Ahhh…Home, home is the other side it’s were we live while not in school for our soul.  I believe we have homes and jobs (but we love them) we work at growing our souls so that one day we can reunite with the mother and father with our soul mate.

Work on the other side I believe is like science and stuff that will help us here.

Soul mates…hmm this is a hard one to explain I will come back later when I can word it right.

The Devil…nope not real and I don’t believe in Hell either.  I don’t worship him either

Daemons…this one I still struggle with because I don’t believe that the mother and father created these but I do believe there are things like them out there I tend to call them dark souls.  I hate the idea of them but know that there needs to be a balance as well.

I believe in angels and ghosts and spirits and such.  Angels are like the angels of many faiths they are closer to god than I am but they help us out when others can’t sometimes.

Ghosts are souls of those that have past that have stayed here for what ever reason (to many that I believe to list now).

Spirits are souls of those that have past but they have gone home and just come back to check on us sometimes and even to play tricks (remind me to tell you about my grandfather) and to help and to let us know all is ok.

Life on other planets yep I believe that as well and I believe that the mother and father made them as well and gave them their planet.

There is magic everywhere I believe it to be in thoughts and herbs and crystals you just need to know how to use it.

Sigh this is proving to be hard than I thought it would.  I know I will come back and add to it many times.  Well I think this is good for basics as I think of them I will add more.

On last thing I do believe a man named Jesus Christ lived and was a great healer and teacher but I don’t believe we was the son of god.  As I believe we are all the children of the mother and father no one more important than the other.

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