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Have any tips for a mother

I feel like I have let my oldest down he has lost a book that isn’t his and just doesn’t seem to care to find it. He pretends to look for it rather than just look for it and it’s a hot topic in this house.

I don’t want to be upset with but I am.

I feel like I let him down, how can he not care about this how can he not understand that he needs to find it and return it to the school. Even if we pay for the book (which will probably have to do) it’s still not at the school because they have to order it and some other child is going to miss out on reading it.

How do I get him to understand how important it is he finds it and returns it? How can I get him to care? What did I do wrong to make him think that it’s just ok not to care?

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It’s the memories

It’s the memories…I need to keep telling myself this and stop getting sucked into the need to give my children everything and feeling bad because they don’t get as much as the other kids. Fact is they get what they need and we made great memories tonight and we have plans to make more.

This has always been my goal as a mother but yet I feel like a failure because I don’t give them the newest and the best of everything when it first comes out.

I have this thing lately of simplifying and getting low tech toys for the children. And well I love it. My father got Mr. A legos for his birthday and him and Mr. Spirit sat and played with them for hours. Mr. A still plays with them for hours alone. Mr R is happy with a box and he is four and all he wants to do is make memories.

So as I get ready to head to bed yet again I remind myself that with yule and christmas around the corner that it’s the gifts that matter and it doesn’t matter if I give them tomorrow or christmas the but memories they make.

I hope that tomorrow that the boys will love making the play dough and playing with it. I look forward to making it with them. Something so simple.

Be Blessed,

PS I am not proof reading this nor did I proof read the other post I will do them tomorrow when my brain is fully working.

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