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Struggling with understanding evil

So on one of my other sites that I love to go to we have been talking Ghosts and Spirits and Demons and other other worldly creators.  And yet again I am still struggling with what I believe on the matter of demons.  I know I don’t believe in them in the sense of the christian world.  And hate that some are given pagan gods names.  But at the same time I know that not everything is good.

See I struggle with what I believe…I don’t want to believe that there demons and I am leaning more towards that their maybe be something.  BUt more from a different plan of time or something like a different level of living with bleed through so to say.  Heck I don’t know what I mean.

But I do know that I believe in Dark Souls, those souls that have turned from gods love and are in a cycle of life and death with no rest like other souls get.  But yet I also believe that sometimes these souls are saved rather it be during life and they turn back into gods love of if an angel reaches out and saves them between lives.

As for bad Ghosts again I am struggling with this I think sometimes it’s just a confused ghost of someone who doesn’t know that they are dead.  And then other times I think it was just someone who wasn’t very kind in life having what they think is fun.  And I wonder if dark souls can stay back and make a mess for some people.

The hardest thing for me is the thought that people can be taken over by spirits or demons and honestly I don’t know why this is so hard for me to understand I mean I believe in astral travel and the soul leaving the body and traveling so I don’t get why I think it can happen with something evil.  I struggle with this, I think because in the end I think god made love and made the earth for us to learn on and made in not prefect for a reason.  And I think much of the evil is from man not from other things.

I feel this is a topic I will be revisiting many times.

On a different note all this talk fo evil reminds me of some really cool and special things I have done.  And I think I might start adding what I dream to the blog.




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