Proud of my boys!

My boys found a wallet and turned it over to us right away and then we called the cops to turn it over.  very proud of them.


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Simply Friends

Hey I started my own forum. it’s small and not very busy. But it’s pretty much there to chat and get to know one another I hope it picks up soon but if not I am fine with it. your welcome to join.

some parts are blocked off at first after you post more they open up. here’s the link

and our fb page!/pages/Simply-Friends/111349155562168

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A fresh start

That is what I have right now.  I haven’t posted in a while because well my life got way of track and I have been spending time getting it back on the right path.

First off is I have gotten help for depression and hoarding.  It was hard to do at first because I didn’t think that I needed help.  I am also in a parenting class it’s to help me and right now I haven’t learned a whole lot but i have met great people.

My Due date has been moved to 10/04 I am not sure on this that would make my cycle really really off I don’t know to be honest. I just want this baby to come out happy and healthy.

My marriage is needing work, I love my husband and I love him a great deal but the communication is lacking and there for intimacy isn’t there (and I am not talking about sex)  he’s up for that and will talk about that but work or everyday life or the news I am crazy to think he would want to talk to me.  heck he tunes me out most days and I have say the same thing four times to him.  But he hates harping…I don’t know what to do.  if I ask nice the first time it goes ignored if I harp he finally listens and will try and do or help or what ever it was but it normally lasts a couple of weeks and then we start over.  It’s hard.

School is yet something else I have given up on.  I just can’t do it now with everything else I have to do with the three kids and the house I don’t have hours to devout to school right now.  and frankly I am not sure if I was going for me or because everything thought I should do it.  I am how ever doing something that is 100% for me and something I want to do and that was I joined a paranormal group.  They meet twice a month and I don’t think that’s so much for me to be away from my children I think my husband can handle being home with all the kids at that amount of time.

Well that’s pretty much it for now I will try and update again.

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Update…and Sorry

Sorry that I was gone so long, I really didn’t think I was.

A few things have gone on since my last post. We know what’s wrong with dh and how to fix it and that’s great.

I am pregnant….this is a surprise and one that’s taken me a bit to post. We haven’t told family yet. guess it’s a good thing they don’t know about my blog. And Alen made honor roll.

We bought a new car and paid off a ton of debt and I feel great about that. For once our lives are getting back to normal.

I will be back tomorrow to post a normal post this is my last pregnancy so I promise you will probably see many posts about that and my dreams and such. I also need to update the holiday page

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Why do natural disasters happen

To be 100% honest I really don’t have an answer for this I do believe it’s just part of live and the way the planet works as it it’s not something god does to us.  But then there is a small part of me that wonders could this because of how we treat those around us and the planet and it’s meant to bring us together?  I don’t know.

The more I think about it while I sit here and type this makes me wonder if it’s a little of both.  In recent years there have been horrible Natural disasters that have cost many lives but in the end even if it’s for a short time brings people together.

Haiti makes some people stop and think about god and religion and were their live is going and it has some people doing all that they can to help.  I belong to a few chat like forums one of which is for Cloth Diapers I have read one woman’s pain over this and seen other woman find info and host fund raiser to get money to those that need it.  This gives me hope that there is a reason for this.

I know that the mother and father don’t need to have reasons for the things and to be honest I don’t need to understand everything that they do.  But I would like to.  I want to understand.

And then again as my mind raises all over the place what happened in Haiti makes me wonder if my problems are so big.  Is injury and PTSD and money problems something to worry about every day I mean I am lucky we have  a home and we have food and everything we need and even a few wants.  I am suppose to start school soon, well march. I really can’t wait but at the same time i am so scared.

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Ahh a new day…

Today is a new day and I am hoping to not let things get  me down and to be the person that I can be.

I have more posts in the works about the soul but not sure I want to go there later today or write abut something else.

yes I know my posts are slow lately but I am getting ready to go to school!!! i am so happy and I am dealing with my feelings on this that DH is going through…and some online drama but I am dealing and going forward and I will be back.


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Prayers for My father in law please

He has a minor heart attack today. He’s doing well and should be home tomorrow you never know with these things.

so any vibes, thoughts or prayers you could send that would be great.

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