birth with out fear and judgement.

I am very much in to the AP life style and even researched it for a parenting class I was taking. and I am sick of feeling judged because I am will do to a csection if I don’t go into labor after working for months with my docs. I have pushed it out as far as I can.

I know it’s not the right choice for many and it might not be mine this time but it’s also a choice made with respect to my husband and his wishes and believes as well I know the risks both ways i really do. I know them and if I do a csection it will be only after I am sure it’s the right move just because it’s scheduled doesn’t mean I have to do or that it’s a deffent yes I am having one either.

I don’t know I guess when I joined a group about birthing with out fear it would be about supporting people and their fears about births not knocking them down because you disagree. Blah it hurts it sucks and I shouldn’t care but sadly i do. and I don’t know why.

I guess what I am trying to say is that. I am doing the best for me and my family which is very much what I learned about the core of AP is. and yes I know a cs is not natural birth and everything but honestly while I am fine with the case of one happening to be honest I would rather it planed than a crash one. But I don’t see it happening I have a feeling this little one will be here soon when he/she is ready.

Just wish that judgement would go away. I get fighting for the birth you want and helping others but why push what you want on others with out knowing everything or all there reasons.

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