A new day….and the same old spill

I am honestly sick with this spill. it’s horrible. I wish I had the money to travel to go help with the clean up, I wish that I could while pregnant and not worry about the chemicals hurting my unborn child. But I am going to donate a little money to help in the clean up it’s all i can do really.

Beyond that I am going to keep on the path that our family started, not only is it cheaper for us but we are also helping the planet. We will sell the one car we don’t drive and save that money for a smaller car for dh to drive to work everyday and keep the SUV parked as much as we can…but we need it for our large family.

I am going to use so much less plastic and anything I can that’s made from oil. This is our countries wake up call and while i see many are upset I have yet to see many do the changes we need to do. I have seen some do them but not a lot.

I see many asking for drilling to be opened back up in the gulf. And I can’t believe that. Why we need to first make sure the rigs that are out there are safe now and lets face it they are not. so why open us up to even more problems right now. Don’t we have the proof that we don’t know what to do when there is a spill why risk more? I understand that oil workers need jobs I do. But we need a planet and there are rigs up and working now. and I don’t know they could get hired to do the clean up too right and take the time to do this right before they open up for more drilling (i wish it would stay closed but I understand it won’t) I also hope that if they are going to open it up that us companies drill it and not companies like BP that drill it take it and sell it back to us.

Now I know I am getting a crash course in how oil works. But I know one thing we need to change our energy policies and stop being so selfish and understand that we may have to pay more at the gas station and ask ourself can i walk to the store instead? What can I do to help this global problem? We lived in this world before their was oil, now we need to learn how to live with less and you know what we can do if we really wanted to after all this is the country that was once the land of dreams and the country were if we wanted something we could find it.

We once could save men while they were in space because we had these really smart men on earth as well. We need to talk to people like that for spill and clean up. the biggest idea i have heard is blow it up. Why is that our only answer? There should have been a plan in place to start with and if they couldn’t come up with because they have never drilled that deep well then it seems a lack of planning on their part and saddly the government for not telling them to have one. and us for not demanding that the government be on top of this. It’s our job to make sure the government is doing thier job and we let our greed take over. we would rather a little less safety to save pennies at the pump and sadly we are not paying for it and our children and grandchildren will be paying for it.

We can not let this go on it’s time to change ourselves and the way we live and tell the government it’s time it changed as well!!!!

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