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If Boycotting isn’t going to help or hurt BP

Then why tell me I am killing small businesses.

Listen I support them but if I chose not to put bp or exxon gas in my gas tank that’s my choice and I have other places to choose from and do and while doing that I am supporting other small businesses.

And if a small business is going to fail because I don’t stop twice a month (how much I gas my suv up a month while my husband is deployed) the the business has more problems than just me not shopping there.

I am sorry I get some don’t think boycotting certain places is smart because it won’t hurt them and they need the money to clean their mess. Well fine others can give them their damn money. Last I check we lived where we can pick who to give our money to and who not to. Now I have to have a reason to give or not give and it’s my fault if I buy gas from joe smith instead of jim black? Really?

I don’t have this kind of power really I don’t. I am not rich I am trying to reduce the oil and gas we use and I suck at it but I try as hard as I can. I don’t drive much and when I do plan my trip and make it count to use the least amount of gas. I am not the speeder on the high way I am the one everyone passes and i don’t care.

I am one person doing the best I can and trying to improve what I am doing and I am spending my money with companies and stores I feel right doing so. I make this choice with everything I buy from my cloth diapers for my child to their clothes and the food they eat.

to our car, and our home we now have a better home when it comes to energy and it’s over half of what our old place was.

My money choice, I am sorry friends are hurting but don’t blaim me and saying I am hurting your family because i am not buying BP gas or what ever other brands I don’t buy and havn’t for years. it’s my choice. I will agree to disagree with peoples boycott of walmart because ti could people jobs, which I find are many of the same people telling me not to boycott bp and that they need my money I am costing people jobs. Guess those that work for walmart don’t need jobs either.

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