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Simply Friends

Hey I started my own forum. it’s small and not very busy. But it’s pretty much there to chat and get to know one another I hope it picks up soon but if not I am fine with it. your welcome to join.

some parts are blocked off at first after you post more they open up. here’s the link

and our fb page!/pages/Simply-Friends/111349155562168

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A fresh start

That is what I have right now.  I haven’t posted in a while because well my life got way of track and I have been spending time getting it back on the right path.

First off is I have gotten help for depression and hoarding.  It was hard to do at first because I didn’t think that I needed help.  I am also in a parenting class it’s to help me and right now I haven’t learned a whole lot but i have met great people.

My Due date has been moved to 10/04 I am not sure on this that would make my cycle really really off I don’t know to be honest. I just want this baby to come out happy and healthy.

My marriage is needing work, I love my husband and I love him a great deal but the communication is lacking and there for intimacy isn’t there (and I am not talking about sex)  he’s up for that and will talk about that but work or everyday life or the news I am crazy to think he would want to talk to me.  heck he tunes me out most days and I have say the same thing four times to him.  But he hates harping…I don’t know what to do.  if I ask nice the first time it goes ignored if I harp he finally listens and will try and do or help or what ever it was but it normally lasts a couple of weeks and then we start over.  It’s hard.

School is yet something else I have given up on.  I just can’t do it now with everything else I have to do with the three kids and the house I don’t have hours to devout to school right now.  and frankly I am not sure if I was going for me or because everything thought I should do it.  I am how ever doing something that is 100% for me and something I want to do and that was I joined a paranormal group.  They meet twice a month and I don’t think that’s so much for me to be away from my children I think my husband can handle being home with all the kids at that amount of time.

Well that’s pretty much it for now I will try and update again.

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