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Why do natural disasters happen

To be 100% honest I really don’t have an answer for this I do believe it’s just part of live and the way the planet works as it it’s not something god does to us.  But then there is a small part of me that wonders could this because of how we treat those around us and the planet and it’s meant to bring us together?  I don’t know.

The more I think about it while I sit here and type this makes me wonder if it’s a little of both.  In recent years there have been horrible Natural disasters that have cost many lives but in the end even if it’s for a short time brings people together.

Haiti makes some people stop and think about god and religion and were their live is going and it has some people doing all that they can to help.  I belong to a few chat like forums one of which is for Cloth Diapers I have read one woman’s pain over this and seen other woman find info and host fund raiser to get money to those that need it.  This gives me hope that there is a reason for this.

I know that the mother and father don’t need to have reasons for the things and to be honest I don’t need to understand everything that they do.  But I would like to.  I want to understand.

And then again as my mind raises all over the place what happened in Haiti makes me wonder if my problems are so big.  Is injury and PTSD and money problems something to worry about every day I mean I am lucky we have  a home and we have food and everything we need and even a few wants.  I am suppose to start school soon, well march. I really can’t wait but at the same time i am so scared.


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Ahh a new day…

Today is a new day and I am hoping to not let things get  me down and to be the person that I can be.

I have more posts in the works about the soul but not sure I want to go there later today or write abut something else.

yes I know my posts are slow lately but I am getting ready to go to school!!! i am so happy and I am dealing with my feelings on this that DH is going through…and some online drama but I am dealing and going forward and I will be back.


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Prayers for My father in law please

He has a minor heart attack today. He’s doing well and should be home tomorrow you never know with these things.

so any vibes, thoughts or prayers you could send that would be great.

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Mr. A’s reply…

So tonight I finally got a chance to talk to Mr/ A and get his feelings on the answers and really loved Ruby’s answer his reply was.  It just makes sense.  Sounds right to me and he was done with the topic.  But he wants me to tell everyone his so very happy you all took time to answer his question gave him links to look up and read.  He said he may have more questions in the future and hope you don’t mind helping him.

As his mother you know I am thankful and i will say it again Thank you.  You made his weekend and day today and he has thought long and hard.  and well you helped a mother out as well so thank you agian



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When a body dies on Earth a Soul will return home

So once your soul lives and learns what it needs to it will leave during one of its written exit points most times.  When you body dies most times you go right home but sometimes things don’t work out right so I will talk about all that could happen.  But first if it all goes right.

If all goes right and you learned what you set out to learn this trip to Earth then you soul will release itself from your body at the time of death and return home.  Once you will find yourself it a great big field, with a waterfall in the back ground and you will first be greeted by all the souls of your pets and animals that you grew to love in this life.

Next you will be greeted by all you loved ones.  The loved ones will all look different than what you remember them looking from earth.  You family will all look to be about 30 and how they think they should look.  But you will know them because you love them.  Once home you will return to your normal life on the other side, studying and working and enjoying your life.

Sometimes when you body dies your soul isn’t ready and you don’t go home right away you go to a holding place so that your soul can deal.  This place is in-between earth and the other side and it’s filled with god’s love.  It’s the area where you know you are safe and you adjusting to the change from earth to the other side or of how things work as you were not sure it was going to go this way or you thought you shouldn’t go to heaven that kind of stuff.

And sometimes when you body dies your soul leaves it but doesn’t return home because it doesn’t think that it should return home.  This is normally when someone becomes a ghost.  They stay where they are tied to or to who they are tied to until someone comes along and helps them or one of gods angels are sent to bring them home.

Yet it again it’s a simple run down but it works for me don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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Quick Update

Thought I would just update real quick Mr A and I didn’t sit down and talk like we wanted we had dinner plans at a friends house plus we were running around getting ready to be with out water for three days.  With that said I am hoping to get to it tonight as his he has read all the answers (except the new ones have to wait till he gets home for those) and has been thinking about it.

I also plan on getting back to the life of a soul later today things have been just crazy here.

So last night after running around and getting clothes washed dishes done and diapers wash and tons of water stored, we went and had dinner over at a friends house.  We had a leg of lamb that I bought but wasn’t sure how to cook it and she loves lamb and knows how so it worked out great.  And we watched a movie as well.  It was a great time and lamb was great learned I love lamb and we will be doing it again.

We also made plans for next weekend as well which will be good Miss A and I need to get out more and Miss A needs to be around other people because right now she will only let mama and dada hold her this isn’t the greatest.  G (my friend) has been in her life since she was a baby and Miss A loved going to her.  And this is the only person I trust to watch her.

Miss A is also walking a whole lot more as well but see likes to do it when others are not watching her.  Sees a silly girl.  Mr R his is just growing up so fast seems like yesterday he was my little man that needed mama for everything and not it’s always I a big boy I can do it.  Don’t get me wrong I love it I do I just miss my snuggle time with him is all.

Mr A is 9 now and such a young man and smart he is always asking questions that his dad and I need to look up the answer to before we can answer them he sure is going to be fun as a teen.

Mr Spirit is doing better with his meds and has a meeting with docs. later next month to see what his options are for treatment to be honest I feel good about this I mean we know what is wrong we can fix it.  I will mean a new MOS which I am sure he can deal with.  Now he wants us to start thinking about where we would like to move next.  He choices are Arizona or the UK one is neat family and would be great for the kids the other is a dream.

I think he needs to dream right now because he is worried about his neck.  I understand this I just want to get through this get him healed, but there is so much he needs to be healed from.  He is hurting not only in his neck, but his mind and spiritually.  Today he has his appt for Therapy for his PTSD thing is many don’t think he has it so he gets a hard time.  But his he is great at hiding what is bothering him.  I love him but this bugs me about him at the same time.  But he is getting help and for that I am grateful it was a hard time for a little bit  but it’s getting better.

Well I just dinner on the stove to cook all day…mmm..beef roast.



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Thank you everyone!

Mr A loved watching the answers come in and the blog stats go up thank you all.

We are going to have a chat about it more tonight and sometime tomorrow I will post about that later.



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