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Ahh…a normal day

Ahh…back to normal.

Yesterday evening was fun I didn’t do all that I wanted to do for the holiday but we made memories so that was what was important.

We made play dough and boy was it fun but the first batch messy.  We used this recipe, but we used KoolAid instead of food coloring for 2 batches of playdough and they were the ones that turned out the best! The ones we made with food coloring turned out sticky I am hoping once they get some more air and played with they will get better.  If not we will make some more.  I suggest everyone do this with there children.

Also Mr. Spirit and I each read them a story for yule and the oldest loved it.  Mr. R my middle child is just to hyper to sit still through a story.  He went from a quite baby to a wild child LOL.  Miss A well she didn’t care she had a belly ache.

We ended up giving each child a gift for yule because they couldn’t play with the play dough (it needed to cool) and Mr. A got a book Peter Pan.  He is hoping to finish it before going back to school.  Mr R got a doodle thing And Miss A got a book.  I like that these are the books we picked from the as these were gifts that were blessings to us.  The books from Mr. Spirits work and toy was a gift bought with a gift card.  It’s just wonderful.

And yesterday UPS droped off a box from my father and mother, they have went to build a bear and made Miss A a bear on her birthday.  And well this touched me so much that I cried and I am tearing up writing this.  My dad got me a bear and I loved it and it had the same birthday as me.  And the fact he remembers how special this bear is to me (I still have it) and not only got one for my daughter but made her one is just well I don’t have words for it.

So over all while some things I wish I had done I am over all happy with how it went some things will change for next year.

Now that we are back to a semi normal day.  Well as normal as can be with Christmas around the corner. I think I am going to research some about finding my spirit guide.  I have done this research in the past but it’s been years and I have mommy brain and need a refresher. With Mr. Spirit home I am hopeing to get some time to relax and mediate as well.

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