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What a day today was.

First is started out with the whole house sleeping in. This was great. And then we put up the tree and the kids just loved it. To be honest it was a veg day here after the tree went up.

I watch Julie and Julia today I have to say I liked the parts with Julia Child’s more than they other parts and wish they would do a movie on her or had made them longer.

I was left wondering if Julia Child’s really didn’t like Julie though?

Mr. Spirit cooked dinner tonight that was such a nice treat I love when he does things like that. We had eggs and bacon. Kids just loved it. And then we went to look at all the holiday lights. I so love doing that I remember doing it as a child and it was important we did it. Well to me it was. Though sadly here they don’t do them like they do back home. But then it might be a sign of the times or the military town.


While we were driving Mr. Spirit told me of a friend and some ghost problems he was having it made me want to go to his friend’s house so bad to see for myself. So we are. Mr. Spirit is going to call him and are going to go one night and have a mini ghost hunt. I really look forward to it. I am also going to look for a few blessings for the house as well.

What he believes is happening is he believes their home is built on some land that belonged to Native Americans and he believes he found out about a murder there as well. But his big fear is that something followed him home from the middle east during the last deployment.

He has already been blessed himself by some women in the next town that have a shop. From what I know of these women he is in great hands. But he smudged the house and things are still the same he can’t even walk in his house while it’s dark at all. Also I guess that what ever this entity is that it’s pulling the blankets off of them while they sleep and affecting his wife the most.

I find this scary and something I want to look into as well.

Tonight we drove by the house where his friend lived and there is an area near that home that gives me a bad vibe I don’t know what it is but I know that it’s something which bad mojo. I hope we can help them.

And Mr. Spirit and I were talking again about him finding his spiritual home and I found out that he is worried about fitting in. I worry for him. I want him to be happy with his faith and he is but he is also not sure anymore and I am afraid that is my fault. When we got married he was on this on path and was so sure of it. He says that it’s not my fault and that it’s from life deployments and talking to be and a little from me. We both tend to rub off on each other though. I just hope he is happy. I have some research that I am going to do for him and I just hope that it helps.

It’s late I am signing off for the night.

Blessing to all,

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