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Have you ever…

Read a story that you just wish you were a part of?  I just read this story off of   That moved me.  It was a woman’s memory of getting honey and making candles with her great-grandmother and her aunts.  And while reading this story in brought up memories of ice candles that I made at church camp once and how much fun it was.  It also brought up memories of time I have spent with my grandmother.

There were winters of getting the house reading for the holidays and helping her with the trees and helping her cook for the meal.  Helping her cook was no is one of my most favorite memories.

I remember Christmas evenings at her house watching movies on that old floral couch and with the lamps on that really gave room a candle glow.  This story re enforced my beliefs that it’s not the toys that children remember but the time with our families and the little things.

I loved the holidays with my family and just wish and hope that in my time as a mother and a wife I can make those kind of memories for  my family.  I want them to look back and remember smells of family meals being cooked and the simple things we did to make the holiday special. Like the plastic candy garland on grams tree.  Or the tree mom would have to do more than once until she loved it.  Or shopping with my father at the last-minute to pick out gifts and wrap them for him. And loving unwrapping things he wrapped with a ton of tape.  But you see to me it’s not about what was under the wrappings it was the time and love he took to find the right gift and the time he took to wrap them.

I see the world today and I see many that have forgotten the simple things and the little things.  When Mr. A (my oldest) came to me this year and told me that gifts weren’t what we needed for the holidays and that he was just glad that Daddy was home told me that he is learning what these holidays are truly about.

So as Christmas and the Solstice near remember it’s not about the gifts or what’s under the tree but the memories that are made the magic that share and the love. Because with out these they holidays wouldn’t be special.


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