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Blessings and Welcome

I thought the best way to start my blog was to speak of the blessings my family has received this holiday season, but I want to thank all of you first for reading. I know that I am hard to fallow sometimes so thank you upfront.

Now to the Blessings.

This year the holidays were just hard. We where not going to be able to do much for the kids, but we signed up for Sears home for the holidays program and a few other great ones and with their help we are able to give our children a great holiday better than we planned.

Now don’t get me wrong I know without a doubt that the holidays are not about presents but it was nice to have this help out there when we needed it and they kids were told they would maybe get one other gift besides the one from Santa. And they were cool we already had the best gift this year and that was Daddy was home from overseas. And we would have family time.

So we have been blessed this year and we are grateful for we donated what we could to other toy give aways and such. And I hope to be on the giving end next year.

With all that said. I do hope that you grab your favorite drink and enjoy this blog.

Welcome Again and I hope you stay.


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