A new year, A new me.

Every year people make promises to themselves about losing weight and quitting smoking. I think these things are great. This year I have goals for myself as well. My goals are starting with eating more healthy and moving my body more. It’s to continue the down the path to be a better mother and wife. It’s to get through my husbands surgery on his neck and to help him recover from it.

I also really hope to blog more at least three times a week. I think this is an important thing something to make me check myself and make sure I am doing what I want to do. I also am going to start working more on my spiritual self I have let that slide so much lately so I am changing that. It’s going to start with continuing my education and searching of what I believe and then living it every day and pay forward all the blessing I have gotten in the last year.

Happy New Year, I can’t wait to see the person I am in a year from now I hope it’s all for the better.

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birth with out fear and judgement.

I am very much in to the AP life style and even researched it for a parenting class I was taking. and I am sick of feeling judged because I am will do to a csection if I don’t go into labor after working for months with my docs. I have pushed it out as far as I can.

I know it’s not the right choice for many and it might not be mine this time but it’s also a choice made with respect to my husband and his wishes and believes as well I know the risks both ways i really do. I know them and if I do a csection it will be only after I am sure it’s the right move just because it’s scheduled doesn’t mean I have to do or that it’s a deffent yes I am having one either.

I don’t know I guess when I joined a group about birthing with out fear it would be about supporting people and their fears about births not knocking them down because you disagree. Blah it hurts it sucks and I shouldn’t care but sadly i do. and I don’t know why.

I guess what I am trying to say is that. I am doing the best for me and my family which is very much what I learned about the core of AP is. and yes I know a cs is not natural birth and everything but honestly while I am fine with the case of one happening to be honest I would rather it planed than a crash one. But I don’t see it happening I have a feeling this little one will be here soon when he/she is ready.

Just wish that judgement would go away. I get fighting for the birth you want and helping others but why push what you want on others with out knowing everything or all there reasons.

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A new day….and the same old spill

I am honestly sick with this spill. it’s horrible. I wish I had the money to travel to go help with the clean up, I wish that I could while pregnant and not worry about the chemicals hurting my unborn child. But I am going to donate a little money to help in the clean up it’s all i can do really.

Beyond that I am going to keep on the path that our family started, not only is it cheaper for us but we are also helping the planet. We will sell the one car we don’t drive and save that money for a smaller car for dh to drive to work everyday and keep the SUV parked as much as we can…but we need it for our large family.

I am going to use so much less plastic and anything I can that’s made from oil. This is our countries wake up call and while i see many are upset I have yet to see many do the changes we need to do. I have seen some do them but not a lot.

I see many asking for drilling to be opened back up in the gulf. And I can’t believe that. Why we need to first make sure the rigs that are out there are safe now and lets face it they are not. so why open us up to even more problems right now. Don’t we have the proof that we don’t know what to do when there is a spill why risk more? I understand that oil workers need jobs I do. But we need a planet and there are rigs up and working now. and I don’t know they could get hired to do the clean up too right and take the time to do this right before they open up for more drilling (i wish it would stay closed but I understand it won’t) I also hope that if they are going to open it up that us companies drill it and not companies like BP that drill it take it and sell it back to us.

Now I know I am getting a crash course in how oil works. But I know one thing we need to change our energy policies and stop being so selfish and understand that we may have to pay more at the gas station and ask ourself can i walk to the store instead? What can I do to help this global problem? We lived in this world before their was oil, now we need to learn how to live with less and you know what we can do if we really wanted to after all this is the country that was once the land of dreams and the country were if we wanted something we could find it.

We once could save men while they were in space because we had these really smart men on earth as well. We need to talk to people like that for spill and clean up. the biggest idea i have heard is blow it up. Why is that our only answer? There should have been a plan in place to start with and if they couldn’t come up with because they have never drilled that deep well then it seems a lack of planning on their part and saddly the government for not telling them to have one. and us for not demanding that the government be on top of this. It’s our job to make sure the government is doing thier job and we let our greed take over. we would rather a little less safety to save pennies at the pump and sadly we are not paying for it and our children and grandchildren will be paying for it.

We can not let this go on it’s time to change ourselves and the way we live and tell the government it’s time it changed as well!!!!

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If Boycotting isn’t going to help or hurt BP

Then why tell me I am killing small businesses.

Listen I support them but if I chose not to put bp or exxon gas in my gas tank that’s my choice and I have other places to choose from and do and while doing that I am supporting other small businesses.

And if a small business is going to fail because I don’t stop twice a month (how much I gas my suv up a month while my husband is deployed) the the business has more problems than just me not shopping there.

I am sorry I get some don’t think boycotting certain places is smart because it won’t hurt them and they need the money to clean their mess. Well fine others can give them their damn money. Last I check we lived where we can pick who to give our money to and who not to. Now I have to have a reason to give or not give and it’s my fault if I buy gas from joe smith instead of jim black? Really?

I don’t have this kind of power really I don’t. I am not rich I am trying to reduce the oil and gas we use and I suck at it but I try as hard as I can. I don’t drive much and when I do plan my trip and make it count to use the least amount of gas. I am not the speeder on the high way I am the one everyone passes and i don’t care.

I am one person doing the best I can and trying to improve what I am doing and I am spending my money with companies and stores I feel right doing so. I make this choice with everything I buy from my cloth diapers for my child to their clothes and the food they eat.

to our car, and our home we now have a better home when it comes to energy and it’s over half of what our old place was.

My money choice, I am sorry friends are hurting but don’t blaim me and saying I am hurting your family because i am not buying BP gas or what ever other brands I don’t buy and havn’t for years. it’s my choice. I will agree to disagree with peoples boycott of walmart because ti could people jobs, which I find are many of the same people telling me not to boycott bp and that they need my money I am costing people jobs. Guess those that work for walmart don’t need jobs either.

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The new article from Better Homes and Garden

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Follow up to Better Homes and Gardens Article

They have issued an apology and removed the part about breastfeeding. They have also messaged me and informed of them working on another blog post that is inspired by real mom’s for dining out with children. I will link when I get the link.

I believe they are trying to learn from this and I am going to give them time to learn from this mistake. I understand others are still mad and upset about what was said and want more and I am not sure how to help them.

If you have any tips you would like to share with BHG please visit their fb page or the boycott group page and post them. Thank You

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In response to Better Homes and Gardens article on dinning out with little children

This morning I read an article about how to deal with little children while dinning out written by a woman with out children.  And lets just say she really failed at it.  While she made some great points she missed key things that some parents might find useful.   And her comment about breastfeeding in the bathroom.  Lets just say I have a feeling BHG is going to loose readers or say they are sorry soon.  Any ways you can find this article here.

But I thought as a mother of three children and soon to be four who would rather dine out while children in tow than leave them home I would share my tips on what works for me and also open this post up to tips from other parents that have been there and done that.  (I will edit this post to add some of the ideas as well)

One thing I find works for me is to go early like before 6pm if you can.

Another thing I find is don’t go when they are sleepy I find for at least my children this makes them cranky and makes a long meal even longer.

Have a dinning out bag of quite things for your children to do.  I have three kids right now when I go out so I try to have a bag for each of them of quite things they like and these things stay in the bag and only get used while dinning out.  For my Oldest things like a fav book, sometime his ipod shuffle with music or a audio book and headphones works great.  Sometimes he even gets to take his game boy with headphones and play that quietly (to be honest my 9 yo is the one to normally act up and get the 4 yo going) For my 4 yo we have found crayons and coloring books and paper work well and just playing tic tac toe with him is a great thing to keep him busy and quiet.  for my 18 month old, her’s is crayons and paper and her dollie she’s very good in the restaurants. Any toys they may get in the bag are quiet but if they make noise they must have headphones as I know others don’t want to hear it either.

I make sure my kids go pee before we sit at the table, I find this limits the getting up in the middle of dinner.

I teach my kids not to stare at other people tables and see what they are doing and to enjoy us as a family.

I order things I know my kids like and then have them try something new that my husband or I ordered.  I find this works best to not waste money on food but also gets them to try new things and my kids would rather try off of mom’s plate then there own.

Strollers was mentioned in the article and while many places I see this as something that isn’t really needed (I don’t own one) I can see where some places they are so I say common sense works wonders here.

One thing I believe the article got right was clean up after your kids, and if you not going to leave at min. another 5%-10% of a tip.  It holds up other people wanting to eat as well.  And really you clean up after them when your home it’s not hard to teach them not to do it other places.

Big thing is to practice at home and at other family friendly places and to start young, children just don’t pick up this behave just because they reach a certain age.

I know this list isn’t complete and I am sure I will be back to add more as I remember them.  and as others share their tips so please share your tips with me.

Now on to asking woman to breast feed in bathrooms, this is just wrong on so many levels.  And I really don’t want to get into it right now but ask all breastfeeding mom’s to check local law on it and remind staffers if this ever becomes a problem for you.


Many mom’s I know are calling for a boycott of BHG and I have to say that I agree with this, I think they should pull the article and apologize to all the mom’s they pretty much told to Breast Feed in the rest room.  I receive this Magazine as a gift but will not have it renewed when it runs out and what I will do with my next copy I am not sure,  but it won’t stay in my home.  I am going to look to canceling it as well.

More I think about this the more I am pissed.

Oh one more thing to those that have a problem with what I am doing what are you staring at me?

There is a Facebook page boycotting BGH now you can find it here

ok contact info for BHG

Meredith Corporation
1716 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309-3023
E-mail: support@bhg.com

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